Make your way west of the Han River to Da Nang, an unexpected highlight while traversing Central Vietnam. Facing the sea and set against a backdrop of verdant mountains, the coastal city is a nature lover’s dream come to lớn life. Travelers can look forward lớn incredible beaches, lush mountains, & breathtaking sunsets. Plus, there are a couple of sacred temples & cultural attractions you shouldn’t miss when passing through. Keep reading for everything you need to lớn know for visiting domain authority Nang, Vietnam.

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Fast Facts

Language: The national language is Vietnamese, but English is also spoken.Currency: The Vietnamese dong (VND) is the unit of currency in Vietnam.Airport: domain authority Nang International AirportCOVID-19 Travel Guidelines: As of May 15, 2022, Vietnam no longer requires a negative COVID-19 kiểm tra result for entry into the country. Travelers must have valid medical or travel insurance covering COVID-19 treatment with a minimum coverage of US$10,000.

Best Time lớn Visit domain authority Nang

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The sunny months of February lớn May is the perfect time khổng lồ visit da Nang. During this time, the weather is sunny, warm, and dry—ideal sightseeing conditions, especially if you’re planning a trip khổng lồ the beach. Late May lớn August tends lớn be hotter than some tourists enjoy, while the rainy season between September & January makes it difficult for warm-weather activities.

How lớn Get There

International travelers can fly directly to domain authority Nang International Airport. From there, it’s a quick drive khổng lồ the city center. Take a taxi straight to lớn your hotel upon arriving. A more convenient option is lớn book a private transfer in advance.


Where lớn Stay in da Nang

In recent years, domain authority Nang has flourished as one of the vị trí cao nhất tourist destinations in Vietnam. The steady stream of tourists has spurred the development of many accommodations across the city, whether you want khổng lồ stay by the beach or in the heart of the city. Here are some of the best hotels in da Nang you can stay in during your vacation.

Vinpearl Luxury domain authority Nang

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Indulge in the jaw-dropping beauty of da Nang from Vinpearl Luxury da Nang, an award-winning luxury beach resort on the stunning Non Nuoc Beach. The five-star resort offers sprawling modern rooms & suites with balconies overlooking the sea. There are five outdoor swimming pools if you’re not in the mood for a dip in the sparkling sea, as well as a fitness center, a full-service spa, & the Gourmet Restaurant. Book a lavish room at Vinpearl via KKday for the best prices around.


Continental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, an IHG Hotel

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Continental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort Facebook page

All things natural and elegant meet at Inter
Continental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, a beachside oasis that’s arguably the most lavish hotel in domain authority Nang. Every experience is awash in luxury, from fine dining at the renowned French-inspired La Maison 1888 to lớn indulging in holistic treatments at the award-winning Harnn Heritage Spa. Designed by the acclaimed Bill Bensley, the five-star hotel blends modern Vietnamese style, sophisticated worldly touches, & the natural beauty of the surroundings. Inter
Continental Danang is nestled in the lush tropical forests of Son Tra Peninsula, with a golden-sand private beach and the occasional monkey swinging by your room.

Seahorse khách sạn & Hostel by Haviland

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For modern và affordable accommodations in the đô thị center, Seahorse hotel & Hostel is a vị trí cao nhất choice. Expect clean và comfortable air-conditioned rooms, with private và dormitory accommodation options. Indoor spaces are beautifully designed, with quirky décor, pops of color, & high-quality furnishings. Seahorse features a trendy in-house restaurant. The charming brick building is set by the Han River, within walking distance of Han Market và the domain authority Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture.

Where to lớn Dine in da Nang

Da Nang offers a wide variety of delightful Vietnamese food, as well as a good range of international cuisine.

La Maison 1888

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Even if you’re not staying at the Inter
Continental Danang, it’s worth visiting for a meal at La Maison 1888. Known as the first restaurant in Vietnam with a Michelin-awarded chef, Pierre Gagnaire, the fine dining establishment serves authentic French cuisine in a glamorous colonial manor overlooking the sea. It remains one of the best restaurants in da Nang, with mouthwatering three-, four-, và five-course sets & the largest restaurant wine cellar in the country.

Address: Inter

My Casa

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Another European-inspired dining spot in domain authority Nang is My Casa, a cozy villa-style restaurant specializing in Italian pasta, Spanish tapas, and other fusion food. It’s a cosmopolitan hangout that’s a big draw among tourists, especially with its delicious selection of handcrafted cocktails that make My Casa perfect for happy hour or nightcaps mingling with fellow travelers.

Mi Quang tía Mua

A tasty bowl of beefy rice noodles, mi quang is one of the must-try dishes in domain authority Nang, where it’s available everywhere for breakfast. While it’s not hard lớn find in any Vietnamese eatery in town, the local restaurant chain mày Quang bố Mua serves an especially flavorful bowl. There are multiple branches in domain authority Nang.

Things to do in domain authority Nang

Discover pristine domain authority Nang beaches

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Da Nang boasts some of the best beaches in Vietnam, so sun-worshippers flock lớn this destination when they’re in need of sunshine, saltwater, và the sea. Indeed, you won’t run out of shores lớn explore along the city’s 30-kilometer coastline. Two of the most beautiful beaches in da Nang are Non Nuoc Beach and My Khe Beach.

Visit key city attractions

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While domain authority Nang is the ideal base for sightseeing in Central Vietnam, make sure you visit the local attractions, too. Some of the must-see sights include the Con Ga Church (Danang Cathedral), Cao dai Temple, Museum of Cham Culture, and the Tam Thanh Mural Village. The Dragon Bridge is a spectacular sight, especially during weekend evenings when it puts on a show of lighting up and breathing fire.


Explore the Marble Mountains and Son Tra Mountain

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Marble Mountains, the collective name of five marble and limestone crags south of the thành phố center, is one of the must-visit attractions of domain authority Nang city. Beyond the sweeping views from the peaks of these mountains, there’s an array of Buddhist temples and pagodas scattered across the landscape. On the other hand, Son Tra Mountain (also known as Monkey Mountain) is an essential visit for nature lovers who want to spot rare wildlife like red-shanked doucs.

2 5 BEST DAY TRIPS FROM da NANG RECOMMENDATION4 5 BEST DAY TOURS FROM domain authority NANG Price, Inclusion, Exclusion?


best day trips from domain authority nang

For a long time, domain authority Nang has long been regarded as the country’s most livable city, with stunning scenery that draws visitors from all over the world. Together with that, long, gorgeous beaches with clean, calm xanh sea, well-known tourist spots such as nhị Van Pass, Linh Ung Pagoda, Marble Mountains, bố Na Hills… make domain authority Nang one of the places you must see for your destination. Therefore, Premium Travel Vietnam lists 5 Best Day Trips from domain authority Nang that you can choose for your vacation.




Overview of cha Na Hills

Ba mãng cầu Hills Mountain is renowned as domain authority Nang’s “green lung.” & it must be on your travel list when coming to domain authority Nang city. Thus, cha Na Hills are located at an altitude of 1.487m in the Truong Son mountain range & it serves as the summer resort for the French officials in the 19th century.

Reaching here, you will sightseeing Vietnam’s high-level tourism, relaxation, & entertainment complex. As you are coming to lớn this “fairy land”, you are able to experience four seasons in one day, as well as a wide range of festival, entertainment, và culinary activities.


In the morning, we will pick you up at your hotel in Hoi An và start off the trip to Ba mãng cầu Hills Golden Bridge.

At arriving at Golden Bridge after completing the cable car line. The Thien thai Garden is trang chủ to Golden Hands Bridge, amazing architectural symbol built in 2019. It was constructed with a chất lượng structure, with a big moss-covered hand lifting the bridge.

Finishing all that, we will continue khổng lồ pay a visit to Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden (consists of 9 gardens with 9 different emotions), Wine CellarLinh Ung Pagoda.

Later, take a short cable car ride up khổng lồ the summit of Ba mãng cầu Hills where the French Village is located. This is a classical & romantic France which is complete with one-of-a-kind architectural marvels.

Walking around & sightseeing more & reach the peak of Ba mãng cầu Hills where you can grab the full view of the complex. Enjoy some of your không lấy phí time & we are heading back to the car.



Japanese Bridge Hoi An

The second tour that we can recommend for your 5 Best Day Trips from domain authority Nang is Hoi An My Son Full Day Tour from domain authority Nang. This trip will start from domain authority Nang & you take an opportunity lớn visit two World Cultural Heritage Sites in one day. So, we are firstly heading to the former land of Champa people – My Son Sanctuary.

Located in the valley surrounded by a dense jungle, My Son Holy Land was the most important religious center for Champa people who practiced Hindu culture coming here lớn conduct their religious services.

Thanks to its cultural value to human kind, My Son Holy Land’s temple ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage Site in December 4th, 1999. In the past, the Champa Kings built the Hindu temples between the 4th and 14th centuries và it had a typical Indian architecture for those temples.

Undergoing many natural disasters and wars, My Son Ruins is still standing & today it preserves as the place you must in while in domain authority Nang or Hoi An city.

So, while you visit the area, our English-speaking local guide will tell you about the history of the Champa Kingdom’s center of worship.Wandering off the site, you will visit several groups of My Son from A, B, C, D, G, E, F…so you know much more about Cham culture. Finally, you are able to lớn see a traditional Apsara dance performed by Cham people’s descendants in the theater to lớn get an insight into Champa culture.

We are then heading back lớn Hoi An for lunch và later on, we will enjoy a leisurely Hoi An thành phố Tour. So, our highlights of Hoi An walking tour will be a Chinese templeold Hoi An Merchant Houses to know about the development of Hoi An ancient town when it was the busy trading port. Visiting the symbol of Hoi An people: Japanese Bridge and finally, the guide will lead you khổng lồ a performance house to enjoy traditional show.

Ending the day trip of My Son Sanctuary and Hoi An thành phố tour is khổng lồ transfer you back to domain authority Nang city. The tour will end here.

HUE DAY TOUR FROM domain authority NANG


Hue city

Another 5 Best Day Trips from da Nang that you should not miss is to have Hue đô thị tour from domain authority Nang. Although the tour will take you a full day co carry out but it is worth it.

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As you know, Hue was the ancient capital đô thị of Vietnam in the Nguyen Dynasty (1802 – 1945). Because it carried a lot of history, the culture & architectures from Nguyen times so Hue Monuments Complex was listed as the World Cultural Heritage in December, 11th 1993.

Although Hue Monuments Complex has 36 relics but our highlights today will be Hue CitadelThien Mu pagoda and Khai Dinh Mausoleum.

As we are driving from domain authority Nang so we then head our trip to Hai Van pass, you can here see the best view of domain authority Nang city và Lang co town. Thus, you will have a super nice view while driving and stopping for some pictures along the way.

We will go by rustic town in Lang Co and transfer you to Hue city with Hue Citadel as the first sightseeing.

Thus, the magnificent 19th-century Hue Citadel, which encompasses the Imperial City, the Purple Forbidden Palace, & a number of old sites. The most famous “Battle of Hue” occurred in 1968, during the Tet Offensive, & resulted in tremendous destruction khổng lồ both the city và the Citadel — evidence of this và reconstruction work may still be seen today.

We will walk with your and show you the special architectures of Hue old monuments as well as giving you the lifestyle và the stories of Nguyen Emperors back lớn the old days.

Next, let’s grab some of Hue’s finest food in a local restaurant and then we will be off for Thien Mu Pagoda.

Locating on a hill overlooking the Perfume river, Thien Mu pagoda was the ideal spot for the Nguyen Emperors khổng lồ write some poems and it serves today as one of the sacred and important religious site for Hue people coming here to make some wishes.

Upon reaching here, you not only view the landscapes of the area but your soul và mind will be going the tranquil atmosphere of this special place.

Finishing off Hue day tour from domain authority Nang, we are then leaving here for Khai Dinh Mausoleum – one of the most sophisticated tomb built in the Nguyen Dynasty. Built from 1920 lớn 1931 taking the longest time khổng lồ complete, Khai Dinh Tomb preserves as one of highlights for Day Trip from da Nang.

Upon finishing, the guide & driver will transfer you back to domain authority Nang city.

HOI AN ECO TOUR FROM domain authority NANG


Buffalo ride

Another interesting in 5 Best Day Trips from da Nang is khổng lồ have Hoi An Eco Tour from domain authority Nang. So, we commence the trip from domain authority Nang và we arrive in Cam Thanh Water Coconut village, we will jump on the bamboo basket boat to go inside the coconut forest.

Here, the boat man will tell you some stories about water coconut trees and about Vietnam war. Next, he will teach you how lớn paddle the boat and how to make it go. You will thus have a funny experience with the local people here.

Later, we then go further out of the jungle and enjoy the spinning boat performance. Upon your request, you can try the different feeling on your own with this unique kind of boat.

Another activity in our Hoi An Eco Tour from da Nang is lớn see how a local fisherman cast a fishing net into the river for his daily life. After that, if you want to lớn make it a try, let’s jump on the boat và do it yourself. We are sure you will have an everlasting smile.

To continue the tour, we move on our tour to lớn a place where you can jump on a water buffalo & have it a ride. You will be excited with your once in life time buffalo ride.

Next part in our tour is to lớn reach a lovely tranquil Tra Que Vegetables village nestling on the outskirt of Hoi An. Reaching here, you are welcomed by a local herbal drink (lemon basil seed drink) and have an introduction of the village history given by the family.

Next, the local guy will show you around the garden for you lớn see many kinds of herbs and vegetables that people grow here such as lettuce, basil, mint, bok choi, sweet potatoes, dill, papaya, lemongrass & so on. People here work very hard khổng lồ supply for whole Hoi An city và sell it in supermarket in da Nang.

Resting for a while and you will join a small cooking show to learn how to lớn make Vietnamese pancake & the local dish of “Tam Huu”.

Adding khổng lồ the tour is lớn have a lovely lunch and then we will take you back to lớn your hotel in da Nang city.



Jeep Tour nhì Van Pass

The last in 5 Best Day Trips from domain authority Nang is khổng lồ enjoy Jeep car Tour exploring Marble Mountains, Son Tra Peninsula and Hai Van Pass.

Therefore, we will come lớn collect you in the hotel and transfer to Marble Mountains – a cluster of five marble mounts that symbolize 5 elements in the galaxy by Vietnamese thinking including Water, Wood, Fire, Metal and Earth.

On arrival, we will walk up stairs và start lớn discover some temples, pagodas and beautiful caves of Marble Mountains.

Thus, we will sightseeing Linh Ung temple, Tang Chan cave, Van Thong cave và finally pay a visit lớn Huyen Khong cave that served as the hide out và hospital for soldiers in the war. Besides, you can grab a panoramic view of Marble district at River watching tower when climbing here.

To continue our Jeep Tour, we then head our trip to Monkey Mountain in Son Tra Peninsula. So, we will take you up to lớn the snaking way of Son Tra Mountain. Arriving at the old U.S helicopter base, you can have just amazing photos of da Nang bay và crystal blue water of South East Sea.

Next, the Jeep will take you lớn the summit of Son Tra Peninsula where you can have just fantastic view at Ban teo Peak on the summit. From here, you can see all beautiful beaches and high rises of the đô thị along the coast.

Moving on the Jeep Tour, we keep driving along the way of Son Tra Peninsula and if we see Vooc Monkey by accident, we then stop for you to take some beautiful photograph. As you know, Son Tra Peninsula is trang chủ to Vooc Monkey which is on the danh sách of endangered animal in Vietnam.

Reaching other side of Son Tra Peninsula, we then make our way to lớn Linh Ung Pagoda where you can see the highest Lady Buddha statue in Vietnam (67m high). On arrival, wandering around & you can visit some of Buddist temples as well as know more Buddism in Vietnam.

Finally, our driver will transfer you to Hai Van Pass – one of imposing passes in Vietnam. The name of nhị Van means the Sea Clouds or Cloudy Pass as it is often foggy in the winter when we have cold spell from the north.

Stop at the summit of Hai Van Pass where you can have for yourself some of the best pictures of the area before our Jeep will transfer you back khổng lồ the hotel.

Thus, our Jeep Tour exploring Marble Mountains, Son Tra Peninsula & Hai Van Pass will come lớn an end here. Premium Travel Vietnam wishes all the best & hope you have a great trip with us.



A memorable experience

See the Best of da Nang, Hoi An areas
Conquer Monkey Mountain, hai Van Pass by Jeep Tour
Get an insight into Champa và Vietnamese culture by visiting Hoi An ancient town & My Son Sanctuary
Visit 2 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites in one day
Join some local activities to know the daily life of the local people: farming, fishing, buffalo riding

5 BEST DAY TOURS FROM domain authority NANG Price, Inclusion, Exclusion?



Premium Travel Vietnam is one of the leading tour operators in Vietnam and have more than 15 years in the business industry. Let’s choose us  for the Best Day Tours from da Nang with the best price.We always provide a premium tour service while maintaining a competitive quote for you.


New air con private vehicle
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Experienced driver
All entrance tickets
Water and tissues


Travel insurance
Tips và gratuities
Personal expenses
Other services not mentioned in the tour program



Premium Travel Vietnam | Expert for Best Day Trips from domain authority Nang

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